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60-Cell PV Modules

  Manufacturing advances allow 60-cell PV modules to reach 320 watts (historically, modules at that power required 72 cells). The lower module voltage offers more series-string options, while still maximizing array output per square foot.  

SolarWorld Sunmodule Modules

SolarWorld (solarworld.com) released its Sunmodule Plus Mono module series, which increases power density using five bus bars (instead of the conventional three) that interconnect cells within the module. The additional bus bars decrease electron-hole pair-recombination within the PV cell by reducing the distance electrons need to travel.
Thinner bus bars also create less “cell shadowing” overall. These factors boost module
output of these 60-cell (p-type) modules by 5 watts over this module’s predecessor. The
series includes four modules with silver frames and white back-sheets, ranging from 285 to 300 watts. Maximum power voltage (Vmpp) and current (Impp) range from 31.3 to 31.6 V and 9.20 to 9.57 A, respectively.



LG Solar NeON 2 Modules

  LG Solar (lg-solar.com) offers its NeON 2 modules featuring “cello technology,” which utilizes a bus bar system of 12 thin circular-shaped wires— rather than three conventional (thicker) bus bars—which decrease electrical loss. The circular wires increase light absorption by scattering the light within the cell,
rather than reflecting it out of the cell. These 60-cell modules also have a doublesided (n-type) cell structure to take more advantage of low-incident-angle light (i.e., in mornings and evenings). With black frames and a white back-sheet, four models range from 305 to 320 W. A 300 W model is available with a black backsheet.
Maximum power voltage (Vmpp) and current (Impp) range from 32.5 to 33.6 V and 9.26 to 9.53 A.





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